Method 2: How to read someone’s text messages without having their phone?

Google's Voice Actions is fine for dictating messages, but what about the texts you receive? Text by Voice reads them aloud, thus keeping your hands on the wheel. We all know texting while driving is a deadly combination, yet who can resist the siren song of that new-message ding?

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I'll admit it's tough not to steal a glance at the phone--and once you're glancing, you're reading. Most owners of Android-powered smartphones know about Google Voice Actions, which, among other things, allows you to dictate text messages using just your voice. However, there's still a bit of screen interaction required, as you have to find and tap the microphone to engage Voice Actions.

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And what about messages you receive? There's no hands-free help there. Enter Text by Voice , an admirably effective app that makes texting a totally hands-free experience. With it you can send and listen to messages without so much as touching your phone. As the above demonstration video, er, demonstrates, Text by Voice requires zero interaction with your phone save for launching the app before you hit the road.

Top 5 Apps to Help You Read Text Message Hands-Free

Thus you can leave your phone up on your dashboard, at your side in a cupholder, or wherever, then go about the business of driving. When a text message arrives, the app reads it aloud--and gives you the option of repeating it, replying to it, or ignoring it. And if you want to compose and send a message, you simply say the activation phrase "text by voice," of course.

That, my friends, is the way all smartphones should work. Read Text Messages 2me I.

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Read text messages aloud, in real-time, as they arrive, with the ability to skip messages through voice recognition to remain hands free. Great for reading text messages while driving, cycling or anything else where you need your eyes and hands to be focused on something else.

1. Default Text-To-Speech for iOS

Reading and responding to the text messages through the in-car Bluetooth audio system with minimal configuration. The application will automatically run whenever a new SMS message is received. There is no need to have the application open or constantly running. It will read the text message as soon as it arrives, hands-free.

The application will also allow you to send SMS replies via an unlimited list of pre-defined user messages or adhoc custom messages. Personalised responses can be added quickly and easily and are accessed by simple keywords defined by you. The full feature list is given below, with more features being added each release: Replies are controlled through a user-defined list of auto repsonses.

In addition, adhoc customised responses can be sent if user-configured keywords defaults to 'custom', adhoc' or 'free are spoken when prompted to send a reply. Instead, if 'yes' is spoken also configurable through user preferences , auto responses will be used.