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But while you're reading, keep in mind that these are just specs, and a lot more goes into a phone's overall user experience than what appears on paper. Some of the standout features with Samsung's latest flagship include Bluetooth 5. Samsung's fast wireless charging protocol lets you charge up to 1. Samsung's IP68 water-resistance rating still reigns supreme, allowing you to go deeper underwater than the iPhone X's IP67 rating would permit. And, of course, the Note 8 actually has a headphone jack.

For the iPhone X, one of the major advantages is that it's already running iOS 11 , the latest operating system version available, while the Galaxy Note 8 is currently one version behind Android Oreo. The front-facing camera has fewer megapixels than the Note 8, but as we all know, megapixels don't matter anymore , so Apple's TrueDepth 3D sensing technology should give it the overall win here.

We've yet to see how Apple's fast charging compares to Quick Charge 2. As everyone knows, iOS versus Android has been a longstanding battle throughout the years with neither side willing to give way. Samsung chooses to put a skin on top of Android before shipping out their phones.

This skin gives Samsung phones a unique look and extra software features, but that comes with a pretty infamous reputation.

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The iPhone X, however, will come with iOS 11, which doesn't match Samsung's TouchWiz UI in terms of the sheer number of features, but offers a simpler and more intuitive interface. Since Apple has designed both the software and hardware, the two work in harmony and typically offer a smoother experience than Samsung's flavor of Android. Overall, there's plenty of room for debate, and we'll know more when we can get our hands on both phones.

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The item that sets the Note 8 apart from other smartphones is its improved S Pen and associated apps. It arrives with Android 7. The new Apple iPhone X is certainly their boldest design effort to date, and according to Tim Cook, a glimpse into the future of iPhones, even though Apple is generally behind the times when it comes to such things.

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For years, Apple refused to offer a larger display, yet the larger display is outselling the smaller version. The public likes smaller bezels and finally, the iPhone X offers that solution. They seem to drag their feet in following Samsung, yet they sell a boatload of iPhones.

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 - Apple could lose to Samsung in a BIG way, analyst predicts

The iPhone X uses a new 5. It also sports a The display has an awkward cut-out in the top middle of the device, which makes viewing in the horizontal mode a bit strange — many apps are not updated for the new Apple display. While Apple once ruled the mobile camera scores, they have long been surpassed by several Android flagships — in fact, the Google Pixel 2 is the number one rated camera. The iPhone X offers dual megapixel cameras mounted in a vertical position on the back left edge of the device.

Apple included a non-removable 2, mAh battery with a rapid charge feature and finally included wireless charging, but only for the Qi format. The Apple iPhone X comes with stereo speakers and does offer IP67 certification for dust and water resistance. There is no fingerprint sensor on the iPhone X, so you must rely on Face ID to unlock your device or a passcode.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Water Freeze Test! - What Will Happen?

You are limited to Apple Pay so your shopping is limited only to merchants that purchased the necessary hardware to accept Apple Pay. The iPhone X has no 3. It arrives with iOS It is available in Silver or Space Gray. Dealers are taking pre-orders now with deliveries expected by the first of December. We are free to pick any keyboard we want to use, any music player, and any weather, clock, or photo app we choose.

We can customize our display and use different themes or even overlay a specialty app launcher we may prefer. It is not just about the operating system — the Note 8 is a nicer looking device, and certainly just as well built. The Galaxy Note 8 offers a larger and sharper display, the Always-On feature for notifications, double the RAM for smoothness, quickness, and a better multitasking experience.

The Note 8 has expandable memory making it easy and cheap to add additional storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus: What's the difference and which is best?

It too has the dual megapixel cameras and takes excellent pictures. The Note 8 also has facial recognition to unlock the device, but also the backup of a fingerprint scanner. For added security, there is also a built-in iris scanner and the added protection of IP68, not IP67, like the iPhone X. We dare not leave out the added bonus of the S Pen and its associated software. The Apple iPhone X is a step in the right direction — at least in its hardware. While it has a near bezel-less display, it does not have the curved edges and true bezel-less display of the Note 8. There is no doubt that the new processor and software optimization will make the iPhone X every bit as fast and smooth an operator as the Note 8, but the 6GB of RAM in the Note 8 will help it greatly when it comes to multitasking or running dual windows.

It does have stereo speakers, but no 3. Then there are the limits and proprietary hardware found on the iPhone X — things like Appletalk, iTunes, and Apple Pay. It may be an excellent smartphone, but it is certainly no Galaxy Note 8. In addition to confirming that P is now Pie, Google is now referencing Android 9.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Preview: This article will be frequently updated as more leaked information comes out. The last update was made on August 5. The Seoul-based electronics juggernaut described the new commitment as yet another step in its efforts to continue driving sustainable growth, both […].