The cheated-on getting crushed. Yup, my marriage was in trouble because we were having a crisis with our daughter. But she was a willing participant. She took my husband. He feels badly about how things went. The new wife is nuts and suffers depression and is on a plastic surgery binge. He clearly misses me and we both regret how things went down. I once missed out on a party at my friends house that my girlfriend was was at.

We had the same friends. Then my phone goes off and its my buddy. Turns out its a video of my ex in the bedroom with some guy.

My buddy cracked the door and got like a full 15 seconds of it without her knowing. She cried when I sent her the video of herself.

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I posted this in a different thread a while ago: I was walking out of the house and she chased me down. She walked to our table, saw it was me and walked off. About 2 minutes later a different person was our server. Went to her apartment. Woke up to him banging my friend next to me in the same bed. Got up, put my clothes on and drove home, broke all the plates in my kitchen. I walked in after a 10 hour shift at work.

They were on the couch she was under him. I walked into the kitchen grabbed a class of something to drink. Walked back into the living room. I told him to stay a bit because she would need help moving out. I told her to pack her shit. Then I sat down in my chair and turned on the TV. It took all of an hour for her to get her shit. The dude left immediately. She balled her eyes out while sitting at my feet. We can see you're using Adblocker. Block everybody else, but we thought we were friends.

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Male Female Other Gender. For instance, you're at the beach house, you have a fridge full of beers and ribs, there's a party scheduled for every night, and you need to choose between Grandma, a nun, and a floozie. The wise choice is the nun only if she's also a floozie. If not, floozie it is. She'll be the most fun.

However, if you're already married to a non-floozie, or at least a different floozie, then for God's sake, don't spend the weekend with a floozie. Has the word lost meaning for you yet? Somewhere in White Rock, British Columbia, a foolhardy fellow opted to leave his family for "a piece of trash" the aforementioned floozie , and his wife was understandably left in a position of much chagrinment. Realizing that their relationship was clearly on the outs, she placed a Craigslist ad for his stuff.

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All of his stuff. All of it was for sale, and all of it was to be sold before he got home from his weekend of enfloozery. I never run across sales like this, and that's sad, because I could use a new juicer and some Xbox games the last one I bought was Injustice , and I beat that pretty quickly. If anyone who lives nearby would like to cheat on their wife, and then if any of the wives would like to sell all their crap at a steal, please let me know.

The local paper showed up, because everyone loves the circus, and people who attended claimed to get some pretty good deals on furniture, tools, and fishing gear. Unfortunately, there were no clothes available, as, according to the ad, they had already been burned the day before. Paul Osborn had been hearing unseemly rumors about his wife. Was she a One Direction fan?

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Worse -- she was a flagrant humptathlete, peppering the neighborhood with free access to her goodie bin. Or at least that's what Osborn claimed he discovered after reading some of her emails in which she discussed her sex life with another man. Osborn did the only thing a man in his position could do -- he went bugfuck ridiculous.

Taken under inspiration's wicked wing, Osborn decided to write up an ad for his wife on eBay. Not to sell her possessions, just to sell her. Starting at one cent, Osborn got bidding up to half a million British pounds, despite the ad specifying that she was worth "sod all. The ad itself featured a picture of his wife picking her nose and described her as a "lying, cheating, adulterous bitch whore," although some news sources insisted it was "lying, cheating adulterous slag," which I must say I prefer, because "slag" is a really fun insult.

It also included her cellphone number, the number of the guy she was sleeping with, and the number of the business where they both worked. All things considered, it was pretty charming. The police were less than amused by Osborn selling his wife online and paid him a visit to warn against posting "offensive, indecent, obscene, and menacing" messages online, which means probably I can never use the Internet in England ever. Tim Shaw is a British DJ, so he's an asshole you find charming because of his accent.

I hope that British radio shows feature dignified sound effects and discussions about the economy and football, all whilst enjoying fish and chips or bangers and mash with liberal use of the "C" word, which, for those in the U. On one particular show, Shaw was talking with Jodie Marsh, a British boobie model know for her boobies and her willingness to show her boobies. He claimed that he would be willing to leave his wife and kids for her, a joke that she may have found funny but that his wife, who was listening, found hysterical.

I bet she literally slapped her knee. After the knee-slapping subsided, Mrs. Shaw went online and listed Mr. It sold in a few minutes, and a happy customer drove it away before Shaw even came home from work. Hopefully he really goes all the way sometime, not for the pain it will cause his family, but for the mirth it will bring the rest of us when his wife does something drastic, like gluing Japanese hornets to his scrotum while he sleeps. The video of a farmer who discovered that his wife had a profile on a dating site for farmers went viral at the beginning of , which means everyone who watched it now has polio.

In the video, the man shows his wife's profile on KissingGates. What the fuck does that even mean? Was "FarmDate" too complex? After perusing her profile, the man goes outside, loads up a tractor full of horse shit , and dumps it into his wife's prized convertible before again mentioning why you probably shouldn't be using a site like KissingGates.

Soon after the video appeared, speculation began circulating that it was in fact a viral ad campaign thought up by the makers of KissingGates. How do we convince people to use our site?


I'm not saying this video is not an ad which I refuse to refer to as "viral" because it's a shitty, meaningless buzz term that people on morning news shows use without having even the slightest idea what it means. I'm just saying that if it is an ad, it fucking sucks. This is like Pringles trying to make you by chips by telling you you'll get your hand stuck in the can and have to get it surgically removed if you buy them. This is like Spirit Airlines running a commercial that actually shows how terrible their service is while still expecting you to fly them.

It's like a hooker showing you pictures of what your infection will look like once it's in full-blown gross mode before you actually pork. I like to think this video is legit, because as a revenge video it's pretty great -- it's just several hundred pounds of literal shit in a car. That was hilarious in Back to the Future , and it's hilarious here.

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  6. This is as good a place as any to also bring up billboards, which surely someone was going to comment on eventually, something witty like "Hey Felix, what about the wife who paid for a billboard to out her cheating husband?