Monitor Your Child’s or Employee’s Smartphone and Tablet Usage

Can be also used for employee monitoring. Available in 12 languages. Will come in handy for those interested in securing home computers, parental control and employee monitoring.

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Good, functional and easy to use keylogger. Good for home monitoring.


Has nice and very handy interface. Available in 3 languages. Can you discover what sites they visit the most frequently, who are their online interlocuters, what type of information they share through the social networks?

SPY AGENT - stealth and undetectable PC monitoring software

Another reason is to control PC performance of your labor force during their working hours in order to improve the working efficiency. Are there such easy-to-use software products that enable even an inexperienced user to control their computer activity? Yes, there is a great choice of stealth spy software to find out practically any info on PC activity of a certain user. Such supervising programs have another name that is spyware, but you should distinguish them from malware such as backdoors, rootkits, Trojans, etc.

As for malware, they are illegal programs that perform malevolent actions behind your back.

Spytech SpyAnywhere STEALTH

Actually, monitoring or supervision programs are only two types among other different spyware products. For the user under control, such PC monitoring software is completely invisible and cannot be detected in standard ways, because they:. Alternatively, you may let the user know about its installation and then use this product in stealth mode. The security of Elite Keylogger is on a very high level, which makes this keylogger one of the most invisible and undetectable ones in our test.

Cell Phone Monitoring Software Safeguards Your Family

The answer is tightly intertwined with the place where this program will be used and with the purposes you are planning to use it for. Different countries have different legislations, but in general, laws are employer-biased. The point is that when a certain enterprise owns desktops, this enterprise is free to check what purposes workers use their devices for — just like chief executives would check the volume of gas spent when driving the company car. There is no denying that company pays for fulfilling certain duties and not for surfing on the Internet in order to watch amusing videos or communicating in Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Many enterprises fix the working time and time off lunch or other little breaks. Including a host of advanced surveillance features for parents and employers, our Cell Phone monitoring Software tracks all cell phone activities and sends the information back to your Mobistealth user account. Mobistealth has been around for quite some time, but recently, it has introduced a new feature that Due to easy access to the internet, children are making use of the internet all the time.

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Use Monitoring Solutions to Save Kids from Porn Addiction Posted on 29 June Due to easy access to the internet, children are making use of the internet all the time. We are compatible on all carriers.