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Video and photo logging — Another important feature of Mobile Spy software, this one pulls out a copy of all the videos and photos stored on the target smart phone. YouTube videos monitoring — This Mobile Spy feature will assist you in easy monitoring of YouTube videos watched by the smart phone user.

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Tracking of social networking logs — This feature of Mobile Spy software will record all the activity done by target phone user on Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook. Record of all the apps installed — This feature keeps track of all the applications installed on the target smart phone.

Viewing of contact details — Each and every contact listed on the target device gets logged and all the new contacts added get recorded too. Monitoring of calendar events — All the calendar events marked by the target phone user get logged, including the time, date and location is. Remote uninstallation — A highly useful feature that becomes necessary once you are done monitoring a particular smart phone, this one enables remote uninstallation of the Mobile Spy app. All you need to do is log into your Mobile Spy Control Panel and follow the provided instructions to carry out remote uninstallation, resulting in stopping of logs recording.

Following is a list of features that you receive once you install this add on:. It can then be downloaded from there anytime you want. The view is updated every 90 seconds. Using this feature effectively you can keep yourself updated about the happenings on the target smart phone in almost real-time. Retrieves information — This live Control Panel feature comes to rescue if the target device gets stolen or lost. Email account delivery of logs — Via this Live Control Panel you can select your email account to be the primary delivery destination for all the recorded logs.

Your purchase of Mobile Spy software will entitle you to an attractive bonus in the form of 1 year free of cost license to use Sniper Spy remote monitoring software. However, this bonus can be availed only when you buy 1 year license of Mobile Spy. In a nutshell, Sniper Spy helps you monitor the activities on your personal computer while you are away. It comes loaded with extensive functions such as websites visited, social networking logs, screenshots, clipboard logs and more. The current version of Mobile Spy software version 6. The installation process is pretty simple.

Once the phone is turned on or comes back in range, it will start uploading logs again starting from where it had left off. In most cases, if your logs stop yet none of the above apply, then just turn off your phone and then turn it back on remove the battery for 30 seconds for BlackBerry devices. This will reboot the phone and reload the software.

Why are my GPS logs not being uploaded? If no location can be found, then no data can be uploaded. Also, if your service provider charges for GPS services make sure your phone plans have this feature in order for GPS locations to be captured. I have forgotten my Mobile Spy account password.

To reset your Mobile Spy password, go to Forgot Password link. Then follow the Reset Password procedure. It will permit root access to the iOS operating system, allowing downloading of additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store. It allows you to do so by adding an application called Cydia to your iDevice.

Does the iPhone need to be jailbreak in order to use your software? You cannot download or install Mobile Spy if the iPhone is not jailbroken. This must be done by the customer. You can search online for numerous sites with tutorials that can assist you with this process, such as iClarified or Redmond Pie. If I upgrade the firmware on the iPhone, will it remove Mobile Spy? Yes, whenever you upgrade the firmware on the iPhone, it will remove all programs and utilities associated with jailbroken software. This will include Mobile Spy and Cydia. You should not upgrade firmware until you have time to re-jailbreak your device and make sure that firmware version can be jailbroken.

Lately Apple has been working on creating firmware versions that cannot be jailbroken. Make sure if you plan to upgrade that, a reliable jailbreaking method for that firmware is available.

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So if you upgrade the iPhone's firmware and it can be jailbroken, simply re-jailbreak the device and reinstall the software through Cydia. Can I delete the Cydia icon? No, you cannot delete the Cydia icon off of the springboard. Instead of deleting the Cydia icon, you should just hide it. You can hide the Cydia icon and Smartphone icon directly from the Mobile Spy interface.

Bring up Safari on the iphone 2. In the address bar, type: What should happen if typed correctly is the screen will immediately switch over to Mobile Spy app home screen and now you can proceed further. If Cydia icon is hidden then: Bring up Safari on the iPhone 2. What should happen if typed correctly is the screen will immediately switch over to Cydia so you can perform whatever actions you need to inside of Cydia. In order to know which version of the Android OS is installed on the phone, go to your Settings menu, then the About Phone tab, and then scroll down to the Firmware Version field.

This is the version of the operating system installed on the phone. Is it required to install Mobile Spy on rooted Android? For Android phones, rooting the phone means to gain administrative rights on the file system of your phone or in other words get master admin rights.

The Mobile Spy will work on both rooted and non rooted versions of your phone however with rooted phone you will be able to monitor more activities like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Gmail on the device. How to know that my Android phone is rooted or non-rooted? To know whether your device is rooted or non-rooted, please follow the step given at this link. How to hide the Mobile Spy icon in my Android phone? This happens mostly with first-timers who install Mobile Spy on their device. After login, the Mobile Spy icon automatically hides or disables from the phone screen.

If in case, the Mobile Spy icon is not invisible, then reboot your Android phone. The Mobile Spy icon hides away. The Mobile Spy interface does not come up in my BlackBerry. If the Mobile Spy interface does not appear on your BlackBerry device after dialing the PIN number, there are a couple alternate ways to bring it up.

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When the call disconnects, press the Back button, followed by the End button as if you were hanging up on a call. Press the BlackBerry button. Then select Switch Application. Here you will find an icon for 'Smartphone' among other icons Home Screen, Phone, etc.

The interface should appear. If it still doesn't come up then please check is whether or not the device permissions are set properly for the program on your Blackberry. Then press 'Edit Permissions'.

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Make sure ALL of them are set to 'Allow'. On your phone, please open the web browser and enter www. If so and it still comes up internet not found then please make sure you have applied the APN settings correctly. You can check the settings for your carrier. Please click this link which has the APN settings for many of the carriers.

Find yours in the list and input those settings into the phone's APN settings. Please help, I am not getting BlackBerry Messenger logs. To capture BlackBerry Messenger logs, save message history option must be on. Can I monitor multiple phones using the same account? Yes you can monitor multiple phones using the same Mobile Spy account.

Where can I see my unused licenses on my web control panel? Also, if you have unused license s in your account then the count will be displayed on your dashboard too. How can I add new device? Once you are done with this, then just install Mobile Spy on the monitored phone and the new unused license will be automatically mapped with the phone. Can I remotely change phone log settings from my web control panel?

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Click on it to get started. These settings will get synced with the targeted phone. If I delete my account, will it delete all my cell phone logs and is there a way to re-activate a deleted account? In order to re-activate your deleted account, you will need to submit a support ticket and our support team will re-activate the account.

Will I be able to receive Alerts on the web control panel instantly? You can also check in for all the new notifications at the time of login. How can I change or renew my subscription?

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