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It was and still is a bit frustrating to set it up between two phones. If this doesn't get more accurate or better we're just gonna buy keychain trackers and glue them in our shoes lol because of our hacking problems, most trackers are accurate for a day or so and someone screws it up from their pc which we do not have. I guess since we value our family so much, and that the fear of having seen our loved ones in raunchy places and scenarios faked by the hacker's inaccurately dropping pins on some trackers we've had it appears they want a warrant of. And as a mother, in not talking about a 40 ounce beer either!!!

The accuracy of this tracker must improve within inches and be in total real time like FBM's used to be. Thanks for having the tracker available although but I can't buy it if the accuracy isn't improved as well as visual maps. We have four boys and my and I are both very busy. Many times we are all separated due to our hectic schedules. It is nice to be able to verify that the boys are okay and are where they are supposed to be when we can't be with them.

Also it is great because they will occasionally forget where they left their phone. Our oldest will be driving this year and it gives us peace of mind knowing we can locate him when we are feeling a little anxious. He hates when we call to check up on him so this lessens the number of arguments about us not trusting or interrupting his time with friends. Simply put this app fits our lifestyle to a tee and I wouldn't want to not have it available.

Highly recommend this app to any family with busy schedules. Tells you exactly where someone is down to the address and a pinpoint map. The only problem I've encountered is that when I'm out of town in another time zone it gets glitchy. This an cause an unnecessary argument if you're checking up on your spouse and they say they are gone and the locator says they're somewhere else This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Description Sprint Family Locator turns mobile phones into safety devices by letting you locate and set safety checks, for up to 5 lines on your account. If you call from your cell phone, your exact location will instantly pop up on the operator's computer screen. This technology also works for individuals who want to track other people with cell phones.

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The Sprint Family Locator service allows you to track anyone you have added to your cell phone network, as long as they have their phone with them, it is turned on, and they're in the cell phone coverage area. There are some important things that you must know about the Sprint Family Locator cell phone tracking service before signing up. Know the laws before you use this service and don't use this technology to invade anyone's privacy!

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I'd used SpyToApp Software. For years we used Sprint Family Locator. The Radius is to wide. Now, having said that. However, still that crazy wide radius. So in terms of the text messages it sends out, most newer phones, well smart phones anyway, have the option to block calls and texts from specific numbers and people. So if you want to track your kids without them knowing, tell them you need to do an update on their phone and while you have it track it so when the number comes up you can immedietly block and delete it, and they will never know.

Does anyone know how long Sprint had the "child locator" I thought it was 20 years ago. Trying to settle a bet. Look we are all in different situation, who's paying the bill, is the better question! I can see using this maybe on your Children up to a certain age, but it sends messages to the person being tracked. So if you just even try it for like an hour, you then can't turn it off!! I tried it for 1 hour on my husband. It isn't very accurate of where they are. I tried to uninstalled it, an hour later. Do I have to wait for the 15 day trial to pass, before it stops sending me updates??

I agree with the above opinions, that it shouldn't be used on a spouse. People need to trust each other.

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It would be handy, if youremember phone was lost or stolen, though. Myself, cant wait for it to stop sending me updates. Here's the way I look at it. I have 5 phones in our family 2 iphones and 3 android. We are all losing them from time to time so tracking is a necessity. Android you have to download and install 3rd party app which doesn't always work and is easily disabled. We tell our kids, you don't want your phones tracked then pay for your own phones and monthly phone bills! What's Happening i'm new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads.

I think its completely rediculous. Does anybody really need to track there boyfriend or girlfriend? What happened to the right to have privacy? Why not put the mark of the beast in your hand or forehead. Because everybody is ok with stuff like this, it makes our government think that it is ok to spy on us.

We are now a surveilance state. If people tought their children right from wrong they wouldn't be spying on their kids. Everyone is cheering over all of our rights being taken away. It us wrong to give up our rights under the guise of safety. Hopefully when everyone wakes up it won't be too late. Good luck to you all. The sfl can really get you in trouble.

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Jealous husband tracked me and just so happened the street I was located on had a hotel. I don't know the street! I've never been there. I don't cheat, don't have time. He wants a divorce! I love it I'm a big worrier and the wife of a truck driver and would have to wait until my husband would call to find out he was ok. I don't use it unless he is on the road. If someone wants to cheat on you they will no matter if you can locate them or not, you have to trust your partner. If your spouse is a cheater let them know that when the cats away the mouse can play I didn't see the answer to the question about memory, if someone is at the store at 4 and the gps isn't accessed until 6 can you look back to 4 to see if they were at the store.

If my teenage grandson is driving with friends who live on a farm somewhere around Lodi CA. I tell everyone with children about this service. It's sad Verizon doesn't offer claiming privacy rights. I believe with the satellite it isn't correct, it did the same thing to me. Plus in the map it showed cars in the parking lot of the studio I teach at and clearly there are no cars there at 3 am. I believe the satelitte pictures they show are old. If you have to track you spouse then you shouldn't be in the relationship in the first place You are either in it for the right reasons or you shouldn't be at all.

If you have to spy on someone then you don't really have a relationship!! Fact u want to track someone shows there's no trust between either party. Instead of both of you going behind one another' back.

Sprint Family Locator: Don't Sign Up Before Reading This

Work on building a REAL relationship. Spying on someone will only make things worse. Its like picking at a scab, eventually It leaves a scare. C'mon "parents" don't take the shortcuts in parenting. Put in the time and reap the benefits. Its all about unconditional love and helping them learn from there mistakes. What the hell is going on?? I have had the tracker for a couple of years and works great, however the last month the range of location is within a 1.

Is anyone else having this issue? Or is there anything I can do to fix it? I wish I had this when my husband was with the "manhole" that tried to wreck my family. Now I use it to a help build the trust.

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  6. Anyone with divorced blonde, named Kim, three children, living in Monroe, GA, breast cancer and drives a cadillac, beware I'm 18,and my dad just started tracking my phone. I turn my phone off and turn the GPS off. I'm pretty pissed off about it. I like the app How bout being honest.

    Sprint Family Locator

    My husband and son both know I can and will locate them. If hubby has me take him to work I can easily see when hes on his way back to his shop so he doesn't wait for me My son is So does sprint family locator still work if I turn off my gps? How exact does it show on a map?

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    Tim- you couldn't be more right. That is my dilemma and it isn't that easy "that I can just walk away from the wonderful relationship". I think it's sad that sprint uses the guilt parents will feel if they don't spend five bucks a month to keep their children safer. This should be a free service for sprint customers. I dont know what yer tryin to say! Yes they send periodically a text to whatever phone is on your list of being located Added another line for 9. I'll let you figure out the rest. Abused wife is an idiot for staying with her wife beater husband.

    How to Track Sprint Phones

    Family locator has nothing to do with this. She should be long gone. When I first got it the map showed satellite pictures of where they were now it just shows a regular map. The way around the located phones receiving the once a month text is to bock the short code Sprint uses to notify said phones. You can do this from your My Sprint account. First of all, if you suspect someone is cheating on you, they probably are. With that said, there is a way around the once a month text that is sent to the phones that can be located.

    How about just being honest, toni and bc, or get out of those wonderful relationships that you both seem to be in. Loved it to monitor a teenager who drives and thinks school is an option! She had no idea how I knew That defeats the purpose!!!! I canceled service before she got that text.

    Looking for a new tracker. I used Sprint Locator for a year to monitor my daughter who is However it would never update quickly enough to be useful. There are lots of better options out there now like Family Siren www. These have tons of additional features like free SMS as well. Since my kids feel they "must" have phones I've made it a requirement that they have their phones with them, ON and charged at all times when they, or I am out.

    They happily comply, and I get the added peace of mind knowing that I can locate them pretty much whenever I feel the need to. I feel it promotes honesty They trust me to not stalk them - I trust that they will not lie to me about their whereabouts. I like being able to verify that my young teens are NOT lying to me - and I can reward them for their honesty - which promotes more honesty from them.