If Find My iPhone is enabled on your missing device

If you forget the passcode, or if you set an EFI firmware password on your Mac before it was lost, then lock it and later find it, you may need to take it to an authorized repair center to unlock it.

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is lost or stolen

If your device is online when you put it in Lost Mode or lock it, it locks and tracking begins if applicable. You can turn off Lost Mode or unlock your device by entering the passcode. For a Mac, the passcode is the four to six digit number you set up when you locked your Mac. If your credit and debit cards for Apple Pay were suspended because you put your device in Lost Mode, when you turn off Lost Mode and sign in to iCloud, you can resume using your cards.

How to Track and Find Your Lost/Stolen iPhone 7/6S/6

Click Unlock, then follow the onscreen instructions to verify your identity with your Apple ID password. You can also use a different iOS device to turn on Lost Mode on your missing device. Turn on Lost Mode or lock a device Click All Devices, then select the device you want to track or lock.

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  • iCloud: Locate your device with Find My iPhone.

Click Lost Mode or Lock. Follow the onscreen instructions, keeping the following in mind: The wider reasons are myriad, however, and include things like having to pay for a phone that you no longer have for 24 months and not being able to do anything about it except suck up the cost and fork out a few hundred quid for a new phone.

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If Find My iPhone isn't enabled on your missing device

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How to turn on Find My iPhone for your iPhone or iPad

User guides Michael Grothaus Before your iPhone is Lost or Stolen: After your iPhone is stolen: After you have logged in, find the Find My iPhone button and click it. From the drop down menu select your stolen iPhone.


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How to Track and Find Your Lost/Stolen iPhone 7/6S/6

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